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Step-by-Step Dog Training is a result of years of seminars and practice working with many dogs and families. I want to  make the dream of a dog in your family a reality. Much of this experience and education has been written into "For Love of Dogs" to help you with basic behaviors, manners, choosing a pet, and problem solving. "For Love of Dogs" includes a DVD with using dogs and puppies before and after adoption, demonstrating how quickly positive techniques can work.  The goal of the book and DVD is to help owners and adopters understand, bond with, and enjoy their pet, preventing pets from being turned in to the shelter.
Topics covered in "For Love of Dogs" include:
     Problem solving for Housetraining; rowdy behavior; separation anxiety, fearful behavior, destructive behavior and many more. These problems are often reported by owners as they turn in their pet to a shelter! Prevention and behavior modification can help keep the pets in their home. 
Basic training for dogs or puppies included in the book and DVD:
     Let's teach your dog to sit, lie down, come when called and walk nicely on a leash. 
Often training will prevent or replace bad behaviors. Our most asked questions on behavior are covered plus many color pictures of step by step methods to train your own dog. Keeping training fun for the owner and fun for the pet prevents many problems and strengthens their bond. 

Step by Step Dog Training  Reach me at: or 515-291-2254
   Chances are, if you have a dog as a member of your family, you love dogs. 
    I do, too! 

     For over 25 years I have been helping shelter dogs and families who want to adopt a pet make the right match. If behavior or training issues are concerns in their new relationship, I help coach the family and train the dog to resolve them. 
    I have worked with thousands of shelter dogs who need new homes. These dogs and even puppies are often surrendered to the shelter because of behaviors their previous owner didn't know how to train, manage or modify. I want to help owners and their family pets create a bond with their dog so they never have to consider giving their pet. 

I am thrilled to announce the publication of two books written by the staff of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa! "For Love of Dogs" and For Love of Cats" books are now available at the Animal House Retail Store, Amazon and from Landauer Publishing.