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First Training for Puppies
Step-by-Step Dog Training Services
First Training for a New Dog in the Family
Behavior Counseling
Have you just added a puppy to your family? While Puppy Classes are very important for socialization and teaching puppies the basics, owners often have questions that are not addressed in class. Questions such as housetraining, nipping, chasing children, proper and appropriate toys and play, exercise needs, and much more can be addressed in a counseling session. Let me help you get started with your puppy before, during or after your puppy classes start. 
At Step-by-Step Dog Training, I want to coach you so you enjoy your life with your dog. Every situation is different. I can help provide what works best for your dog and family. The fee for counseling or training sessions is $50 for the first session which will last about 1 hour. Followup sessions or packages are tailored to your situation and needs.  I meet with families mainly in the Ames to Ankeny, Iowa area at your home. I can also help with other situations by phone or email.
You and your family have done a wonderful thing by adopting a dog from the shelter or rescue. Or maybe you got your dog from a friend, neighbor or relative who could no longer keep him. No matter how or where you got your new dog, let's get everyone started on the right foot and paw! This counseling session can help you learn to communicate with your dog and set up boundaries before bad habits get started. Together we can see what your new dog might already know and build a new list of useful and fun behaviors from that beginning. You will learn fun and quick methods to teach your dog nearly any behavior you want. 

Has your dog learned some behaviors you want to change? Does he just not listen? Is he scaring you, your children or visitors? Does he guard his toys or food?  Do you want to prevent problems you may have had with a previous pet? Are you frustrated and want answers so you can enjoy your dog? Learn methods to change your dog's behavior without challenging your dog physically or using harsh voices. 

        If you have any questions concerning services listed here, or want to work with me to design your own training sessions, please contact me at 515-291-2254 or email me at 
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